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Fascial Release | Movement | Exercise | Kinetic Session

Heal your body and mind through movement.

Heal Your Stress & Trauma Through Movement

Mindful Movement & Deep Fascial Stretching

We tend to hold onto our stress & unhealed trauma in our physical body. As a result, this can create pain and tension within our body and make us tense and uncomfortable in moving within our own body.

Through our mindful movement and deep stretching sessions, you can learn to release your trauma through proper and strategic physical movement.

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Exercise Sessions

Rehabilitation Exercise | Fitness Performance | Fat Loss | Gain Muscle Mass

Through our personally tailored exercise sessions, we are able to meet your goals whether it is for rehabilitation of a physical injury, performance goals to enhance your fitness levels, or to achieve a weight loss goal if that is your desire.

Our expert personal trainer is available to provide appropriate exercise plans for you to feel new and enhanced.

Healing Your Stress & Trauma Through Movement

Benefits of Healing Your Stress & Trauma Through Movement

  • Allow for release of tension: The stress and trauma that is stored in the body as tension sits stagnant unless it is moved out of the body. By moving the body, it allows the release of the joints as well as stagnant energy built up in the superficial and deep fascial muscles.

  • Improved physical health: Exercise and movement reduces the overall risk of long term diseases that come with not moving the body. It also strengthens the heart and allows it to pump blood through the body allowing it to heal. It can also help improve posture, balance, and coordination, leading to overall greater mobility and flexibility.

  • Enhanced emotional well-being: Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and improve mood, while movement can help reduce pain and discomfort, this relates to also feeling happier and more comfortable within one's body. With movement and exercise, hormones are also regulated which allows the production of hormones that create a sense of feeling good. 

  • Increased energy levels: Regular physical activity can help boost energy levels and improve overall vitality. Movement can help improve posture and alignment as well as overall blood flow which correlates with increased energy flow and overall vitality energy and vitality.

  • Enhanced cognitive function: Through movement and exercise, the increased blood flow allows for optimal blood flow to the brain. This creates optimal function of the brain allowing cognitive function to operate efficiently. The more efficiently the brain is functioning, this allows the brain ability to process unprocessed and unhealed trauma. With improved brain function, there is linked improvements in coordination, balance and better concentration and focus. 

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