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⫸ This 5 day detoxing & fasting guide walks you step by step through your daily routine, and what activities, practices, and meals you can incorporate to help your body & mind rid itself from toxins that are creating disease & imbalance in your health & providing you with all the benefits that fasting has to offer.

⫸ This detox is safe & effective, and a baseline to hep bring your body & mind into regulation through cleansing it of unhealthy substances. The practices in this detox & foods being eaten can be practiced on a daily basis even after the detox is over and will continue to help protect the body from toxin build up. 

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⫸ This detox guide highlights:
⫸ digestive & gut health regulation through fiber intake & fermented foods
⫸ liver support for detoxification  
⫸ hydration to help the body flush out toxins
⫸ anti-inflammatory substances & stress management practices that help calm the body & mind to promote optimal function

your "5 day guide for detoxing & fasting" includes...

a comprehensive guideline that walks you through 5 days of activities & meal plans to help cleanse your body of toxins
guided audios & exercises that walk you through relaxation practices, regulation practices, movement practices, & intuitive practices that allow you to understand on a deeper level what your body needs to heal

⫸ Here are the health benefits from fasting: 

⫸ weight loss through increasing metabolism (fat burning) by improving sensitivity to insulin 
⫸ improves mental clarity & concentration 
⫸ lowers blood sugar 
⫸ raises energy levels
⫸ decreases blood cholesterol
⫸ slows & actually reverses the aging process
⫸ decreases inflammation in the body
⫸ has long term benefits on the brain (preventing Alzheimer's disease)

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This guide is for you if you are experiencing any of the following...

Low energy levels leaving you feeling chronically fatigued & sluggish despite getting enough rest or sleep. 
Digestive issues like bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or indigestion consistently
Brain fog that makes it difficult to concentrate or creates problems with your memory 
Skin problems that develop like acne, rashes, eczema, etc that can signal a potential toxin buildup causing inflammation 
Unexplained weight gain signaling a potential accumulation of toxins or metabolic imbalance due to toxins. 
Food cravings like sugar, processed foods, caffeine, or other unhealthy substances can signal that your body is full of unhealthy toxins.
Poor immune function leaves you getting sick often & making recovering more difficult, causing chronic infections. 
Joint pain & muscle aches that cause daily pain & stiffness due to inflammation from toxins in the body. 
Headaches that are often due to a build up of toxins  
Mood swings or irritability are often a sign of potential hormone imbalances due to toxin overload. 
Sleep disturbances are a common sign  of suffering from toxin overload.

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