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⫸ This 9 step guide to regulating your nervous system, ease your way into managing your stress levels, mind & body, in this easy to following guide. See how easy it is to bring your body & mind into a peaceful & calm state. 

⫸ Suffering from chronic stress in your day to day life can have a harsh effect on your mind, and eventually affecting your physical health. By following these easy steps, you will be able to regulate those deeply ingrained stress patterns to those of a restful state. 

⫸ This 5 day detoxing & fasting guide walks you step by step through your daily routine, and what activities, practices, and meals you can incorporate to help your body & mind rid itself from toxins that are creating disease & imbalance in your health & providing you with all the benefits that fasting has to offer.

⫸ This detox is safe & effective, and a baseline to hep bring your body & mind into regulation through cleansing it of unhealthy substances. The practices in this detox & foods being eaten can be practiced on a daily basis even after the detox is over and will continue to help protect the body from toxin build up. 

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Connecting To Self Cover.png.png

⫸This "Connection To The Self" series dives deep into walking you through a series of reflection questions to help you better understand how your inner aspects of self directly reflect and relate to your external aspects of your health.

⫸ Here, it is the goal that the connection to yourself deepens and strengthens as to help impact your health in a positive way. Here, we highlight the importance of tending to your emotional, inner healing to build a foundation that supports a regulated & optimized health in ways such as nervous system, hormone regulation, weight management, immune system, etc.

⫸ Enjoy this step by step, 2 day guideline, as it walks you through practices & techniques to help bring your energy into regulation. By following this comprehensive guide, you can support your body in balancing your energetic health which contributes to your overall health and well-being.

⫸ Through movement practices, guided meditations, breathwork, proper eating, sleep hygiene, and much more, regulating your bioenergetic health system is the start of your journey to a healthier and more balanced body & mind.

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