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⫸ Enjoy this step by step, 2 day guideline, as it walks you through practices & techniques to help bring your energy into regulation. By following this comprehensive guide, you can support your body in balancing your energetic health which contributes to your overall health and well-being.

⫸ Through movement practices, guided meditations, breathwork, proper eating, sleep hygiene, and much more, regulating your bioenergetic health system is the start of your journey to a healthier and more balanced body & mind.

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⫸The goal of this program is to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to regulate your bioenergetic health system, leading to a healthier, more balanced overall health.

your 2 day bioenergetic regulation guide will include a morning, midday, & evening...

⫸ step by step checklist of daily activities

⫸ meal plans for each part of the day

⫸ & guided healing practice audios to follow along with

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This guide is for you if you are experiencing any of the following...

Feeling tired, even after adequate rest or sleep.
Difficulty feeling motivated to engage in daily activities or pursue goals.
Struggling to focus or maintain attention on tasks.
⫸ Experiencing frequent fluctuations in mood, such as irritability, sadness, or anxiety.
Having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking up feeling refreshed.
⫸ Experiencing unexplained or persistent bodily discomfort, such as headaches, muscle tension, or joint pain.
⫸ Suffering from irregular bowel movements, bloating, or discomfort after eating.

Relying on caffeine, sugar, or other stimulants for energy boosts, followed by crashes in energy levels.
Getting sick frequently or taking longer to recover from illness.
⫸ Experiencing unexplained changes in weight, either gaining or losing without significant changes in diet or exercise routine. 

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