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⫸This "Connection To The Self" series dives deep into walking you through a series of reflection questions to help you better understand how your inner aspects of self directly reflect and relate to your external aspects of your health.

⫸ Here, it is the goal that the connection to yourself deepens and strengthens as to help impact your health in a positive way. Here, we highlight the importance of tending to your emotional, inner healing to build a foundation that supports a regulated & optimized health in ways such as nervous system, hormone regulation, weight management, immune system, etc.

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⫸ This series focused on helping you dive deep with your inner connection, highlights:
⫸ how your emotional health impacts your nervous system regulation 
⫸ how a positive mindset has a positive impact on your immune system 
⫸ how healing childhood wounds help to regulate your hormones & helps boost your immunity
⫸ how self-love & self-confidence play an important role in managing a healthy weight
⫸ how s
elf-confidence also plays a role in hormone regulation

your "connecting to the self" series includes...

a comprehensive workshop that explains how your inner, emotional health directly reflects your external, physical health
⫸ a comprehensive reflection workbook that walks you through a series of questions to help gain clarity on what aspects of your emotional wellness need tending to 

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This guide is for you if you are experiencing any of the following...

Past trauma, that is directly affecting your current life through triggers, physical illness, or emotional debilitation.
Unhealthy coping mechanisms that are putting your physical & mental health at risk.
Relationship issues that are due to underlying unprocessed emotions from the past.
Low self-esteem that is limiting you from living the life you want to be living and accomplishing your goals.
Anxiety & depression that is crippling your life and stopping you from doing the things you love & hindering your mental wellness.
Grief & loss that is weighing heavy on you, & causing your day to day life to be emotionally exhausting.
Negative thought patterns that are keeping you in a negative cycle in your life.
Stress & burnout that is leaving you physically & emotionally exhausted.
Physical symptoms that are causing you discomfort in your day to day life and actually may be making you ill.
Interpersonal conflict & triggers that hinder you from interacting in day to day situations without having some negative reaction to situations. 

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