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Emotional Health & Wellness

for those who want to deepen their connection to their intuitive selves, develop a stronger

sense of self love, confidence & empowerment, heal past emotional wounds, &

learn helpful techniques to process & release heavy emotions in the present & future. 

⫸ Emotional health is one of the most important underlying foundation of our health that we can invest in. Without it, our physical & mental health, no matter how much focus we provide it, will never sustain itself without a strong emotional health foundation to grow our physical & mental wellness from. 

⫸ Tending to our emotional health can look like processing past negative emotions or experiences that are currently impacting and influencing our current physical & mental health. It can also look like putting ourselves first, and developing a deeper connection to ourselves so that we can be more in tune with what we need on all levels (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually).

⫸ Emotional health & wellness can also look like providing ourselves with the resources needed to ensure that we are well prepared to handle situations in life moving forward, and that we are able to process & release heavy emotions in a heathy & efficient way as to create growth & space for healing.

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emotional healing & wellness may be a priority in your life if you are
experiencing any of the following...

Past trauma, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, may create heavy emotions that, if left unprocessed in a healthy way, may be affecting your current wellness & quality of life.
Unhealthy coping mechanisms may find their way into your life such as substance abuse, self-harm, or eating disorders that are used to deal with difficult trauma & emotions.
Relationship issues may be a result of unprocessed emotions that are the underlying reasons for conflict or communication issues with friends, family or partners.  
Low self-esteem that can present feelings of worthlessness, shame, or inadequacy which can root from past negative experiences and self-limiting belief systems. Emotional healing can help develop self-compassion, self-acceptance, and a positive self-image.
Anxiety & depression may be a result of underlying emotional wounds that have been left unprocessed. Emotional healing can help to identify & process the emotions that leads to improved mental health. 
Grief & loss of a loved one, or experiencing a significant life change like a divorce or job loss, can trigger intense emotions of grief, sadness or anger. Through emotional healing, support and guidance is provided to navigate the grieving process using effective techniques. 
Negative thought patterns such as self- criticism, perfectionism, or catastrophizing can hold you down in a negative cycle of thoughts & beliefs. Emotional healing can help to restructure these thoughts into positive, healing patterns. 
Stress & burnout can come from chronic stress & overwhelm when we don't take the time to rest and breath. By bringing mindfulness, relaxation, & boundaries into the picture, we can create space for rest and restoration for the mind & body. 
Physical symptoms can manifest as headaches, digestive issues, chronic pain, or chronic fatigue, which all can be addressed through addressing the underlying emotional wounds.  
Interpersonal conflict & triggers can show up in intense emotions & stress. By addressing the emotional root cause of the triggers, we are able to resolve the conflict to develop a better understanding as to heal the trigger from affecting our everyday lives. 

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Dive deeper into your alignment by connecting your mind, body & energy through our holistic health techniques & resources. Bridge the gap between your inner, mental & emotional wellness to your external, physical health for a more wholesome & comprehensive, lasting health transformation.

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