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⫸ This 9 step guide to regulating your nervous system, ease your way into managing your stress levels, mind & body, in this easy to following guide. See how easy it is to bring your body & mind into a peaceful & calm state. 

⫸ Suffering from chronic stress in your day to day life can have a harsh effect on your mind, and eventually affecting your physical health. By following these easy steps, you will be able to regulate those deeply ingrained stress patterns to those of a restful state. 

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⫸ This nervous system regulation guide highlights:
⫸ creating a safe space for your practice
⫸ getting clear on your goals, & incorporating mindfulness & somatic practices to achieve them
⫸ tracking your progress & reflection
⫸ making adjustments according to your mind & body's sensations to the practices provided

your "9 step nervous system regulation guide" includes...

a step by step tracking guide to walk you through integrating mindfulness practices to bring your mind & body into regulation & natural rhythm
guided audios & exercises that walk you through relaxation practices, regulation practices, movement practices, & intuitive practices
focuses that deepen the connection between your mind & body & allow space for peace & calm where stress once was.
⫸ workbooks that allow space for reflection & emotional release to move from a state of stress to calm. 

⫸ Here are the health benefits from regulating your nervous system: 

⫸stress reduction & regulation of deeply ingrained stress patterns in the body & mind 
⫸ improved mental health & enhanced cognitive function
⫸ enhances immune function
⫸ better quality, more restful sleep
⫸ improved digestive health
⫸ pain management

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This guide is for you if you are experiencing any of the following...

Chronic Stress: Feeling constantly overwhelmed, anxious, or tense, even in the non-threatening situations, indicating an overactive fight or flight response 
Difficulty Relaxing: This may be a sign of an overactive, imbalanced nervous system. 

Insomnia or Sleep Disturbances: Dysregulated nervous systems can keep one from transitioning into a restful state. 

Mood Swings: Irritability or imbalanced moods may signal an imbalance in neurotransmitter levels of the autonomic nervous system.

Digestive Issues: Persistent issues such as indigestion, bloating, abdominal pain, or changes in bowel habits can be linked to stress disruptions in the nervous system.  

Muscle Tension & Pain: Chronic muscle tension, headaches, or body aches that aren't from an injury can be caused from a chronic activation of the fight or flight state. 

Cognitive Challenges: Difficulty concentrating, memory issues, or brain fog can signal heightened stress levels affecting cognitive function. 

Increased Heart Rate or Blood Pressure: This can signal chronic activation of the fight or flight response.

Weakened Immune Function: Frequent illnesses, slow wound healing, or being prone to infections can be caused from a suppressed immune system as a result of chronic stress.

Feelings of Burnout or Overwhelm: Feeling constantly emotionally or physically drained, despite adequate rest and self-care, can indicate that chronic stress is in play. 

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