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⫸ Psychedelic Somatic Healing Session
Looking for a 1 on 1 session that brings you deeper inward, to process ingrained patterns & emotions from your mind & body that are blocking you from breaking free in your healing journey? 

Your own personal somatic session in which you explore breathwork, somatic processing, meditation & awareness of your emotions, is a key resource that can that can help you process deeply ingrained emotions, stress patterns, trauma patterns, subconscious blocks, energetic blocks, & help to release you from the manifested physical, mental & energetic symptoms that you are suffering from. 

By opening up our mind & body to a deeper part of ourselves, we are able to target more acute health issues at the root of the problem through these psychedelic experiences. 

It is up to you whether you choose to proceed in this session using a full dose, or a micro-dose. Both in which will provide you a profound healing experience.

⫸ Should you micro-dose for this session? 
For those who have never used mushrooms before & have a low tolerance & sensitivity to mind altering substances, I would recommend micro-dosing. This means ingesting 50-100mg of mushrooms in the healing session.

⫸ Should you full dose for this session? 
For those are currently micro-dosing, & have a high tolerance to mind altering substances, and/or have used recreational mushrooms before, it can be recommended to use a full does during the healing session which would be 200mg - 500mg of mushrooms. 

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⫸ Health benefits of healing with mushrooms:

+ Increased neuroplasticity and brain connectivity: allowing old, rigid, toxic thought patterns to be broken, and allow new neuro pathways to be created & used to promote healing things like PTSD, anxiety, depression & OCD 
+ Deeper connection to the self & others: by allowing the mind to open through psychedelics, we are able to access our subconscious, bridge it to our conscious mind, & deepen the sense the connection to ourselves in relation to those around us, taking us from a self-centered perspective to one of the collective
+ Energetic & somatic healing & connection understanding: through heightened senses while on psychedelics, we are able to sense that energetic connection between us and the world around us, deepening our understanding of energy healing & how it connects to our physical & mental health, as well as how it creates our reality. This allows us to access deeper release of ingrained stress & trauma patterns stored in our body.
+ Environmental Awareness: through the deepening of our understanding of the world around us, & the environment we live in in relation to the people in our environment, the location we are in and the experiences we have in that space, we begin to deepen the understanding of the importance of our environment & how it directly affects our health. 
+ Emotional Processing & Intelligence: through this understanding of ourselves & others moves to new depths, we begin to connect to ourselves & others energetically & emotionally to have a new perspective of our world & those around us. Suddenly, we open our awareness to empathy for others & ourselves, which helps us further our healing journey. 

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⫸ Whether it be for a one time experience, or a continued daily health & wellness routine, this product can help you on your journey towards optimized health, mind, body & energy. 

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