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Healing With Psychedelic Mushrooms

It has been a method of healing that has been used for decades to help people heal their mind & body by allowing participants using the substance to tap into new depths of their understanding of themselves & their connection to the world around them. It also helps to develop the understanding of energetic healing, and our energy in relation to the energy of living things around us.

🍄 Micro dosing from @earthyd0se has changed my life. It has created new worlds of healing for me that transformed my current reality. After having experienced a number of traumatic things in my life, I knew I had to do some deep healing work to better my health, but also to better my life.

It started with healing my PHYSICAL BRAIN that was affected by the trauma I had experienced. Through the power of healing my brain, my mind has been rewired, restructured in a way that created new thought patterns so that I could send NEW SIGNALS from my brain to my BODY which ultimately was communicating the state in which my physical health was in. By healing my brain, improving my mood, & creating new thought pathways with micro dosing, my body was being sent NEW MESSAGES from my mind 24/7.

My mind went from sending signals of panic, survival, depression, & anxiety, to those of happiness, wonder, opportunity, efficiency, confidence, vitality, & prosperous health. My body LOVES these signals and has responded accordingly. That constant feeling of being tired & drained & depression and having no motivation has disappeared. Instead, it’s been replaced by those thoughts that are now FEELINGS of motivation, vitality, creation, & happiness are my new normal that helps me to change my energetic health which is that of which is creating my reality.

When my physical body is being sent signals of positive nature, it sends out an energetic signal that ultimately is determining what in life I am attracting. Thanks to this profound healing experience, I am able to create and attract experiences that are supporting my health journey & bringing me closer and closer to my dreams & goals.

These 3 benefits are the main reasons why I choose to include it in my routine every day to optimize my mental and bodily function.

⫸ 1) Mood Enhancement, Reduced Depression & Increases Motivation: I never struggled overly with depression, except when I was processing traumatic experiences. I would feel everything so deeply that it would really affect my mood. This practice, 2 years part of my life, has helped me enhance my daily mood to one that is uplifting and motivated for my life. Micro dosing affects serotonin receptors in the brain, which are linked to mood regulation.

⫸ 2) Increased Creativity and Cognitive Function: psilocybin has been studied and shown that it actually helped to create new neuropathways in the brain, and literally changes the way your brain fires synapse connections, basically changing the way your brain functions. It was a HUGE part of healing my cognitive brain from the traumatic experiences I had gone through.

⫸ 3) Reduced Anxiety and Stress: Because of the enhanced affects it has on your brain function through promoting a sense of interconnectedness between lobes of the brain, it allows us to perceive things with a more rational and realistic mindset. This allows us to deal with stressful situations better, as well as access and tap into the parts of our brain that promote feelings of relaxation, helping with stress & anxiety.

There are many benefits to exploring this beautiful plant medicine.

+ Increased neuroplasticity and brain connectivity: allowing new neuro pathways to be created & used to promote healing things like PTSD, anxiety, depression & OCD 

+ Deeper connection to the self & others: by allowing the mind to open through psychedelics, we are able to access our subconscious, bridge it to our conscious mind, & deepen the sense the connection to ourselves in relation to those around us, taking us from a self-centered perspective to one of the collective

+ Energetic & somatic healing & connection understanding: through heightened senses while on psychedelics, we are able to sense that energetic connection between us and the world around us, deepening our understanding of energy healing & how it connects to our physical & mental health, as well as how it creates our reality. This allows us to access deeper release of ingrained stress & trauma patterns stored in our body.

+ Environmental Awareness: through the deepening of our understanding of the world around us, & the environment we live in in relation to the people in our environment, the location we are in and the experiences we have in that space, we begin to deepen the understanding of the importance of our environment & how it directly affects our health. 

+ Emotional Intelligence: through this understanding of ourselves & others moves to new depths, we begin to connect to ourselves & others energetically & emotionally to have a new perspective of our world & those around us. Suddenly, we open our awareness to empathy for others & ourselves, which helps us further our healing journey. 

To book your personal 1 on 1 psychedelic healing session...

⫸ Your own personal session is a key resource that can that can help you process deeply ingrained emotions, stress patterns, trauma patterns, subconscious blocks, energetic blocks, & help to release you from the manifested physical, mental & energetic symptoms that you are suffering from. 

⫸ By opening up our mind & body to a deeper part of ourselves, we are able to target more acute health issues at the root of the problem through these psychedelic experiences. 

Get your own supply of mushrooms...

⫸ Earthydose is a trusted company for quality supply of mushrooms for specific use of micro-dosing. 

⫸ Their products are clean, quality, and regulated to provide you with a clean & effective experience that is accurate to the dose.  

⫸ Whether it be for a one time experience, or a continued daily health & wellness routine, this product can help you on your journey towards optimized health, mind, body & energy. 

⫸ Use discount code "HOLLISTICH" to get 15% off your order + FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100 CAD

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