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Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Energy Systems

Start working with Ashley as she creates a personalized health & fitness | movement healing program to enhance your health!

Ashley Dawson



Hi there! My name is Ashley & I'm excited to have you here! I am a holistic practitioner and a personal trainer, & I specialize in holistic therapeutic health & fitness. This means I help people heal their mind+body connection, as well as their energetic health.

I develop personalized health plans & lead transformative online retreats that target healing in the appropriate mind, body and energy health areas for a complete and whole transformation. 

If you desire to explore a deeper healing, apply to work with me below!


Customize Your Personalized Health & Fitness Program With Any Of The Focuses Below 

For those wishing to enhance their health systems (hormone, nervous system, circadian rhythm, sleep cycle, etc) by implementing holistic routines into their daily schedule.

For those wishing to enhance their mental well being by implementing holistic routines into their daily schedule.

For those wishing to enhance their energetic health by implementing holistic techniques to clear, activate and balance their bioenergetic systems.

For those wishing to enhance their physical health through movement & a healthy, balanced diet

For those wishing to achieve higher levels of fitness & performance specific goals.

For those wishing to lose weight or gain muscle mass in a healthy, sustainable way.

For those wishing to heal their injury/injuries through movement

For those wishing to improve their flexibility & relieve tension in their muscles

Work With Ashley!


Provide your information & feel free to ask us any health questions you might have! We will get back to you within 24 hours with the next steps!

All questions and information are confidential and will not be shared.

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