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Our holistic therapy aims to integrate a wholesome approach when looking at someone's health and wellness. By addressing the mental, physical, and bioenergetic aspects of one's health, we aim to give the most effective, sustainable and comprehensive healing experience. We do the homework for you by studying and researching the most up to date healing techniques.


Resource Center

Where you can find holistic resources to integrate for a healthier life.

Ashley Dawson offers holistic health support & health regulation services and resources within The Healing Tribe Community that provies mind+body connection + bioenergetic healing. Alternative health support & alternative health medicine.

Our Services

Find a service to help you heal imbalances and develop a healthy mind, body, and energy system.

  • Exclusive access to holistic healing content & programs

  • Different levels to suit your needs

  • Gain access to health content, tips & self healing programs

  • Access to personalized programs

  • Cancel anytime

Membership Programs

Group Certification Course Registration

  • Lifetime chat support

  • Lifetime community support

  • Course access & PDF

  • Get Certified

  • Full Service includes weekly practitioner calls (1hr)

Holistic Health Session

  • 1 hr live session with our lead health practitioner 

  • Over 7 session types available

  • Session is tailored to your specific goals and needs

  • Flexible scheduling and mobile sessions available

Integrative Health Practitioner Online Group Certification Retreat

  • Over 200 hours of integrated healing exercises

  • Over 100 pages of researched content

  • Weekly practitioner calls

  • Become fully certified after 250 hours of practice

Personalized Health Programs

  • Work 1 on 1 with a health practitioner to develop a progressive healing program

  • Developed to your specific health needs

  • Weekly practitioner calls

  • 24 hour community & chat support

Request Information About Our Online Transformative Holistic Health Certification Program
*Enrollment opens the 1st of every month, starting September 1st 2023
All retreat times are in EST time zone

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