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Reiki Treatment

Bioenergetic/Reiki Therapy

Where we are committed to your growth and transformation. 

"Working with Ashley felt like a total reset! She addressed all aspects of me (body/mind/spirit) and knew how to intuitively offer what I was most needing. I didn't realize how much my body was needing the kind and compassionate touch she offers that then allowed my energy to flow so much better. She held the space so beautifully and openly for me to process what I was feeling as so much was coming up connecting my body and emotions. I feel light now in every way and feel this would be a great service to have done as regular maintenance for my energetic hygiene and wellbeing."

- Jaylyn Bernachi

Our energetic therapy is a natural and holistic approach that will leave you feeling:

  • energized when you feel drained

  • calm when you are stressed

  • mentally focused

  • relieved of pain

  • quickly & naturally healed of wounds 

  • improved of health

  • gradually cleared up of chronic problems

  • healthy and helps prevents the development of disease

healing tribe community - holistic health - subtle energy healing
healing tribe community - holistic health - subtle energy work

Some of the main benefits of this therapy include:

+ Improved physical health

+ Relieve pain and improve circulation

+ Balance the body's energy and promotoe relaxation

​Enhanced emotional well-being

+ Help reduce stress & anxiety, leading to a calmer, more balanced emotional state

+ Boosted immunity, helping to protect against illness & infection 

+ Increased energy levels

+ Help to balance the body's energy levels, leading to increased vitality

healing tribe community - holistic health - mental health - energetic health

Some of the other benefits of this therapy include:

+ Promotes an overall relaxed state

+ Provides mental clarity for clearer thoughts

+ Accelerates natural healing of wounds & infection

+ Gradually clears up chronic health issues 

+ Prevents the development of disease 

+ Detoxifies the body 

+ Dissolves energy blockages

+ Releases emotional wounds

+ Increases the vibrational frequency of the body

+ Helps change negative conditioning & behavior

healing tribe community - holistic health - energetic hygiene & wellbeing
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