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Meditation & Breathwork

Incorporate meditation and breathwork into your daily routine for a positive impact on your physical and mental health. 

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At The Healing Tribe Community, we believe in the power of meditation and breathwork to enhance overall well-being.


These practices have been shown to:

- reduce stress and anxiety

- improve sleep

- increase feelings of relaxation and calm

-  reduce blood pressure

- improve cardiovascular health

- increase mindfulness

- improve focus and concentration

- and even boost immune function


Through calming of the mind and slowing of the breath, there is a physical response the body has to the mind slowing down. This brings the body from a state of fight or flight, to a relaxed and regulated state.


By slowing the mind and the breath, the mind+body connection allows for the brain to communicate with the body to heal. 

If the mind & body are calm and regulated, they can use that energy to heal.


It improves your lung function (cardiorespiratory system) which allows the body to take in more air, which allows for more oxygen intake. The more oxygen the body takes in, the more energy it can produce, allowing all the systems within the body to function optimally. 


It also improves your brain function by increasing the amount of oxygen the lungs take in. This allows more energy throughout the body which gives the brain a chance to function at it's best. It can then send signals to the rest of the body to regulate all it's systems, like hormone regulation and digestion, as well as your nervous system. 

Whether you're new to meditation and breathwork or an experienced practitioner, these ancient techniques can bring a host of benefits to your mind and body.

Join us for a live, 1 hour session.

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