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Transformative Integrative
Online Group
Holistic Health Certification Program

Enhance your WHOLE health & create space for more freedom within your life through our integrative holistic medicine...and become certified while you're at it!

Learn to heal yourself, and how to practice holistic healing in the lives of others!

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Guide to Thrive | Complete Integration

Our 5 month online group program will include:


  1. 16 weekly 1 on 1 calls (1 hour each)

  2. 16 weekly group calls (1 hour each) 

  3. 250-hour "Integrative Health Practitioner Certification"

  4. Over 200 hours of integrated holistic healing exercises

  5. Complete mental, physical & energetic health integration

  6. Step by step guide to integrate holistic healing modalities

  7. Access to pre-recorded workshops

  8. Monthly Half day events 

  9. Access to pre-made health plans & vaults

  10. Over 100 pages of researched content

  11. Monthly health and healing blueprint codes

  12. Explore topics such as nervous system and hormone regulation, mind + body + bioenergetic alignment and connection practice, nutrition and fitness, mindfulness & meditation, subconscious and consciousness work

  13. Training and education

  14. 24-hour personal chat support

  15. 24-hour community support

  16. Group connection & support

  17. Safe spaces created to practice holistic healing modalities

  18. Detailed researched, relevant content

  19. Access to video series

  20. Monthly educational newsletters and blog posts

  21. Access to ebooks

Our Group Program Breakdown:


Month 1: Introduction to Holistic Health​

Month 2: Developing a Holistic Health Plan​


Month 3: Exploring Holistic Health Practices and Modalities​


Month 4: Integrating Holistic Health into Your Daily Life​


Month 5: Deep Dive Into Our Holistic Courses​

Request Information About Our 5 Month Holistic Health
Group Program

Looking for a complete holistic energetic consciousness integration program?


Our program is the perfect solution!

We offer a comprehensive approach to integration that focuses on the connection between your mental & physical health, as well as your energy & consciousness.

Through a personalized program, our experienced team will guide you in developing a deeper understanding of your health systems, energy and subconscious & consciousness and how they affect your overall well-being.

With a range of techniques, including meditation, breathwork, therapeutic movement, nutrition, detoxing, inner healing, visualization, energy healing, & so much more, you can learn to harness your inner energy and consciousness and live a more balanced and harmonious life.

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