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Cognitive Therapy + Holistic Counselling Session

Work through negative thought patterns and literate your mind with new, positive thought chains.

Cognitive & Holistic Therapy 

These therapies take a whole-person approach to mental health. They identify and address underlying causes of psychological and emotional issues. 


We believe in treating the whole person, and we use a combination of conventional and natural therapies to support overall emotional and mental wellbeing. 


Our approach includes a comprehensive evaluation of mental history, lifestyle, environment factors, and many other factors. We aim to get the bigger picture when moving forward with a treatment plan. 

We also use advanced techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based therapies to help identify and overcome negative thought patterns and behaviors.

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We develop a personalized treatment plan that may include lifestyle changes, dietary changes, nutritional supplements, natural therapies such as acupressure, meditation, breathwork and other holistic therapies.


Some of the conditions that we commonly treat with cognitive and holistic therapy include: 

  • depression and anxiety

  • trauma and PTSD

  • stress and burnout

  • overwhelming feelings of grief

  • relationship issues 

  • chronic pain and fatigue

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