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Healing Tribe Community

Where you can find deeper healing through mind + body + bioenergetic connection.

Worldwide Service Provider


Your Integrative Holistic Health Solutions

Achieve higher levels of health & freedom with integrative holistic medicine & healing.

The Healing Tribe Community invites you for a deeper and more enhanced healing experience. Explore hormone regulation - community support - nurtition and diet - nervous system regulation - subconscious work - consciousness expansion
The Healing Tribe Community introduces their lead prctitioner and the founder of the company, Ashley Dawson. She is an Integrative Holistic Health Specialist who offers services and courses in hormone regulation, nervous system regulation, energy healing and activation, nutrition and detoxing, personal fitness training, and much more.

Ashley Dawson



I created this space with the intention of allowing people to come and find a deeper, more sustainable solution to bettering their health, for a more wholesome, liberating and fulfilling life.

"Real healing happens when you address the root issue rather than silence it's symptoms."


Our Services

Find a service to help you heal imbalances and develop a healthy mind, body, and energy system.

  • Exclusive access to courses

  • Different levels to suit your needs

  • Gain access to mobile app

  • Only pay for what you use

  • Cancel anytime

Membership Programs

Course Registration

  • Lifetime chat support

  • Lifetime community support

  • Course access & PDF

  • Full Service includes weekly practitioner calls (1hr)

  • Approval within 24 hours of payment

Holistic Health Session

  • 1 hr live session with our lead health practitioner 

  • Over 7 session types available

  • Session is tailored to your specific goals and needs

  • Flexible scheduling and mobile sessions available

5 Month Holistic Health Retreat

  • Over 200 hours of integrated healing exercises

  • Over 100 pages of researched content

  • Weekly practitioner calls

Work With Ashley!


Provide your information & feel free to ask us any health questions you might have! We will get back to you within 24 hours with the next steps!

All questions and information are confidential and will not be shared.


Listen To Us On

Dive deeper into holistic health. Learn how it can transform your life.

Listen to Ashley Dawson explain holistic health on behalf of The Healing Tribe Community in the podcast episode "The Art Of Healing" as part of the series "Psych Your Life"

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Meditation &

Calm your nervous system, improve mental function, & regulate your hormones.


Learn benefits and how to integrate proper nutrition and detoxing.


Learn how to implement sustainable exercise techniques.

Stress Management

Manage your stress with proven holistic methods & techniques .

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