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* Welcome to this sacred space, created & designed as medicine for you, a woman wanting to feel embodied, connect to yourself, your sensuality & your intuition on a deeper level to release physical & energetic weight. Our focus is to improve your overall health by creating space to access deeper levels of healing so you can feel nourished & abundant. 

⫸ Hi there! I'm Ashley, a holistic health practitioner, personal trainer, somatic & cognitive therapist with 11 years experience in holistic health & wellness. I am passionate about implementing a root cause approach to  focus on healing parts of your life that aren't serving you, & then creating space to optimize your life. The baseline is health harmony optimization & preventing imbalances that lead to dis-ease in our mind, body & energetic health. From there, we pave the way for you to live your healthiest life in all ways.

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"After just one session, I was pain-free. I hadn't been pain-free for over 15 years before this."

"Before starting this journey with Ashley, I was in constant pain from the pressure and swelling from head to toe. After my second session , I had lost 19lbs from the manual lymph drainage alone."


⫸ Emily

"This is next level stuff. This is not just losing weight or just getting healthy, but optimizing your life."

"This was the best coaching call I have ever had. In just one session, we touched on topics of my health that were so in depth & often looked over. 

⫸ Jaylyn

"I couldn't believe it! Past treatments I have had didn't have

that kind of release."

⫸ Carly

"Open, gentle & soft approach to healing xx I felt very

peaceful afterwards. Bless you."

⫸ Em

Natural & Intuitive Mind + Body + Bioenergetic Connection 

⫸ I help you reconnect to yourself for the deeper inner healing, while you harmonize your health, FEEL AMAZING, 
motivated, break free from conventional medicinerelieve stress, find balance, improve mindsetenergy & mood...

​⫸ I help you achieve the above while helping you overcome gut, immune, hormone, trauma & weight management issues with lasting results. 

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